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Iowa Solar Power Trends for 2016

Clean energy is something that has become more and more talked about in our world today. There has been a big move in the United States especially to move towards greater clean energy solutions. This is due to the growing concern for the environment that we live in today. Solar energy is something that is regularly talked about by many individuals on a regular basis who are in power. There are new trends coming forth to move closer to a world that is run completely by clean energy. Solar power is a great way to solve many of our solar problems that we are dealing with. The solar trends are moving more and more to the mainstream as individuals discover how convenient and helpful this type of energy can be.

Iowa Solar power trends are moving much more towards the forward moving ways of bigger states in the country. Iowa state officials are looking at more ways to reward individuals who are taking advantage of this new type of energy. There are talks of vouchers being awarded to those who install solar technology in their businesses or homes. These vouchers can be used during tax season to create more incentive for individuals who are using this type of solar technology. This 18 percent tax credit is something that many businesses and homeowners are becoming very excited about. There is however a cap on these tax credits at 5,000 for a homeowner and 20,000 for a business owner.

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association is doing its part to really bring forth more awareness of the great benefits that solar technology has to offer. There are more courses, seminars, and conventions that are being offered to individuals who are trying to learn more about the benefits of solar technology in Iowa.

Alliant Energy is a company that is really expanding the reach of solar energy to Iowa. Being the parent company to two public utilities companies the expansion of Alliant Energy’s solar division will only help to make the use of solar technology in Iowa easier as the years go on. With the public utilities and companies like Alliant Energy working hand in hand it will be easy to see how the cost of energy will continue to go down for those who are taking advantage of this new solar technology.

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